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Today’s business environment is not easy to navigate or meet the growing legislative demands placed upon small organisations and businesses. In addition to the government bureaucrats knocking on your front door, you have disgruntled staff members kicking down the backdoor demanding everything from pay rises to the sacking of the MD. In the middle of all this you have to run your business, meet you targets and satisfy your customer demands. It is difficult to make any of these challenging ends meet. Consequently standing still is no longer an option

Survival – for you and your business requires agility, adaptability and flexibility so that you can respond positively to change. Just surviving is no longer an option; the single most significant challenge facing you and your business today is improving , organisational, Human Resource and business performance. This is your challenge in the 21st Century; a challenge that must be met

Welcome to Vivitas HR Solutions, we are here to assist you in meeting the changing challenges in your organisation and to assist you to meet the best performance standards possible.


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