HR and Employee Relations  
Employers have a legal obligation to investigate grievances and disciplinary matters relating to existing or former employees.


harassment, discrimination, victimisation, bullying, isolation, intimidation

If a relationship between an employer and employee breaks down, problems begin to occur. Any potential becomes temporarily stagnated. Frequent and sometimes inconvenient challenges are made by employees to the employer on ways of doing things or meeting targets or ensuring timescales are met. Relationships in the work place begin to fall apart and confusion, anxiety and anger takes its place. This frequently leads towards a grievance against the employer and costs will begin to mount up. On the horizons one begins to visualise, trade unions, lawyers and employment tribunals and mountains of financial costs as well as lost revenue and productivity.


Employment Law Health Check

The Legal Costs: Can your company afford the enormous costs of Employment Tribunals?

A one day hearing at an Employment Tribunal is likely to cost an employer around £10,000, and cases can go on for many days. Even if the employer wins, these huge costs are not usually recoverable.






Vivitas Handbook: We will undertake a Free Health Check of your company's practices, policies and procedures. We will examine contracts of employment, disciplinary and grievance procedures and employee handbooks. All this is done free of charge and without any obligation to proceed further.


The Remedy: After the Free Health Check, if you wish to proceed further you can instruct us to bring your company up to current legal requirements. We will re-draft your contracts of employment and disciplinary and grievance procedures and offer advice and support on matters that will increase the quality of your HR performance.


Training: We can offer you expert training, advice and support on how to meet the legal requirements under the Equality Act 2010. We can assist you avoid the damaging costs that can occur because you failed to undertake the right kind of training for your staff within your organisation.


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