Research and Evaluation


What is Evaluation?

In terms of Project and Management assessments, there are two key aspects of evaluation: 

  • making judgements, based on proof or evidence about the value and quality of the project (proving) delivery, meeting its goals and ensuring value for money was achieved;

  • the process of learning from a project, to improve performance or outcomes in the future (improving). Enabling high return on low level investment (more for less) and ensuring that learning outcomes met the desired goals.

Why Evaluate?

Well-planned evaluation should be useful both for the project team, customers and stakeholders involved with particular projects, for at least three reasons: 

  • Learning from past work should help people to develop more effective projects in the future; 

  • Evaluation of projects provides evidence that the project achieved a certain end or did what it was supposed to do;

  • In the area of public/private engagement, the ability to look at project critically this can contribute to the development of future strands of similar or same work.

Developing an Evaluation Strategy

There is no one best way of evaluating a project.

Vivitas HR Solutions invites you to think about various aspects of your work that might shape the kind of evaluation that you need or wish to undertake; but it is important to stress that the evaluation work spans a diverse set of topical interests and not confined only to one set of interests therefore, there is no simple recipe for evaluation that can be used every time. One size does not fit all. We also specialise in bespoke evaluation strategies.

We are here to help and we will make sure your organisational needs are highlighted to enable you to reach out to the right strategy. However, It is for you to think about your own work, its objectives, and what it seeks to achieve, so that together when we build an approach that will provide evidence (where appropriate), and inform the future development of your work in this area, we will be able to meet the target and achieve the desired results.

In thinking about evaluation, the core question for you to consider is: How will you know whether the project has been successful?  (In terms of meeting your objectives, or creating a particular effect or impact)


Research – Finding Solutions

Vivitas HR Solutions can assist your organisation solve difficult problems when carrying out a research programme. We have over 35 years of experience in undertaking empirical and social research projects by qualified and experienced researchers and academics.


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