Vivitas HR Solutions People and Performance was established in 2005 in response to a growing number of requests from public and private sector organisations that required help and support in the delivery of their organisational and employee performance and undertaking a range of support services including Human Resources Management and Employee Relations. The key thrust behind this aim was for organisations to become ‘employers of choice with greater productivity and effective performance across the organisation’. We are proud to say we have been very effective and efficient in meeting our client’s desired goals.

Vivitas HR Solutions is a UK based HR and Employee Relations business with a pool of talented and CIPD accredited consultants who work across the country with different organisations, agencies and employers. We work on all HR related matters from managing staff with HR related difficulties to developing policy to carrying our investigations and anything in between.



Vivitas HR Solutions works with a wider range of employers across the UK where we offer services and support from employment disputes, diversity to performance reviews, staff appraisals and project evaluation work. Our aim is to improve excellence with reduced organisational costs and increased agility, ability and flexibility amongst the workforce

If you require any further information please contact Dr Mohammed P. Aslam for a confidential discussion. Mobile: 07985111233


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